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Who can be held responsible in a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Personal Injury

When a much smaller motor vehicle collides with a large truck that weighs several tons, the aftermath can leave an indelible impression on the people involved – if they survive – and witnesses to such a horrific accident. Survivors and their families face financial hardship stemming from expensive hospital costs, rehabilitation along with the loss of income related to the catastrophic injuries.

Somewhere within such a scenario, responsibility and must be taken. Many trucking accidents occur because of negligence. But who or what is negligent for causing a large truck crash? That responsibility may lie with a few parties, including the truck driver and his or her employer.

Poorly Trained Drivers And Poorly Maintained Vehicles

Highways and roadways bustle with traffic that includes their share of big-rig trucks. An accident with one of these monstrous vehicles can abruptly occur, resulting in serious injury and death. For 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that nearly 5,000 people were killed and 151,000 sustained injuries in collisions involving large trucks.

In a road accident involving a large truck, negligence may lie with an assortment of parties. The list may include:

  • The truck driver: Drowsy driving and fatigue are possibilities that can contribute to an accident as truck drivers strive to meet strict deadlines. They also may be reckless and distracted drivers or have a substance abuse problem.
  • The trucking company: A truck driver’s employer must prepare their staff by providing proper and necessary training with a strong focus on safety. Reliable and effective drivers are the result. However, in retaining inexperienced drivers and not training them, trucking companies open themselves up to liability.
  • The truck maintenance company: A dependable mechanic is essential for any trucking company to keep its fleets operating. However, if the maintenance crew performs sub-par work and overlooks certain repair details, tragedy can occur.
  • The truck manufacturer: The makers of these colossal vehicles must make sure they pass every safety test before shipping off to the trucking company. However, defective parts, sometimes are at the root of an accident.
  • The cargo loading company: Packing and shipping companies play crucial roles in the supply chain, and missteps can prove fatal. An improperly loaded trailer may cause the weight inside to shift, leading to a truck rollover and spilling cargo on a highway.

As you can see, the blame for an accident may lie with a few different players that have ties to the trucking company. One small breakdown with any of them can lead to tragedy and a lifetime of debilitating injuries.