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Dedicated Representation In Administrative Law, Hearings And Investigations

Government agencies have developed very specific and specialized rules and regulations related to administrative laws and their enforcement.

Defending a business or individual before an administrative agency requires experienced legal representation. Your business, professional license and reputation could be at stake. The administrative attorneys at Ekl Williams & Provenzale LLC know the laws and will make a strong case on your behalf before local, state and federal agencies in Illinois.

Working toward positive results is our main objective. Our lawyers evaluate and investigate every aspect of a case to determine defense strategies including litigation and settlement. In the Chicago metropolitan area and collar counties, we have advocated for a broad range of clients on critical administrative legal issues and can litigate as necessary to protect your rights.

Commitment To Our Clients’ Interests In Administrative Law Matters

Our compassionate yet assertive attorneys can provide step-by-step guidance throughout the legal process. Our variety of administrative legal work encompasses:

  • Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) hearings and investigations
  • School board hearings and investigations
  • Town meetings for zoning, curfew and other village laws or ordinances
  • Violations through a municipal government entity
  • Homeowners association (HOA) hearings
  • Building code variances and violations
  • Driver’s license reinstatements; secretary of state hearings

Whatever your situation, we will work diligently to get the best possible results.

Defense In Department Of Child And Family Services (DCFS) Issues

Going through DCFS proceedings or other law enforcement investigations can be an uncertain time. Let us evaluate your case and recommend a course of action. We are highly skilled at defending clients during DCFS hearings and will strive to protect your rights as a parent or educator. Our attention to detail and investigative skills will develop a strong case for you. We understand how stressful DCFS situations can be. Whether you are charged with a crime, under investigation or seeking legal counsel for DCFS, juvenile or family law matters before agencies or in court, let our knowledgeable counsel address your needs.

Explore How Our Administrative Law Services Can Work For You

When you work with Ekl Williams & Provenzale LLC, you will find a close-knit team of experienced legal professionals focused on efficient and cost-effective legal representation. We offer customized service from seasoned lawyers always focused on the ultimate goals for your best interests.

Strong Administrative Action — Contact Us Now

If you need the assistance of a dedicated lawyer during an administrative hearing or investigation involving DCFS, law enforcement or other government agency, we can help. Our extensive knowledge of these issues will help us protect your rights. Call for an appointment today 630-366-0837 or reach us conveniently online with an easy contact email.